In the Service of Human Life
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In the Service of Human Life

The Interplay of Faith and Reason

As we enter into the next decade of human civilization, our society’s attitudes towards faith is drastically different from the prevailing opinions of even just half a century ago. What was once a cornerstone of communal life is now met with suspicion and derision. The radical orthodoxy of modern rationalism has supplanted faith’s role in the town square.Read Article

The Human Person

The human person is beautiful, unlike anything else in the created order. Each person is endowed with a soul, intellect, and reason. We find our source and purpose in the fact that we’re created in the image and likeness of God. The human person is an intricate fusion of the physical and spiritual; our soul works in concert with the physical nature of our body to form our personhood.Read Article

Double Effect Explained

In the world of philosophy, there are more than a few heavyweights that hail from the Catholic Intellectual Tradition. These deep thinkers pioneered new ways of approaching life’s great questions. The morality of the Church colors these viewpoints in a way that esteems the human person and seeks its ultimate good. Even non-Catholics will recognize names like Thomas Aquinas, Duns Scotus, Augustine, and the more modern GK Chesterton. What makes their contributions so significant is that, while rooted in faith, they’re broadly applicable. One of these offerings is Aquinas’ Principle of Double Effect.Read Article


The human person is a miracle in the created order. From the first moment of life, as a singular cell with a single copy of its own, unique, unrepeatable code of DNA, a person stands apart from all other creatures. A fusion of generations of genetic mutations, every person represents a truly new creation.Read Article

Dying with Dignity

Do you have a right to die on your terms? It’s a question that many people are asking. Ethicists, physicians, public policy experts, even legislators are debating that right on its merits. This is as much a moral question as it is a legal one.Read Article

Basic Transplant Ethics

The Boneyard is a magical place for pilots and aviation enthusiasts. When the Department of Defense retires an aircraft, it’s flown out into the Arizona desert and parked on a massive military base. Surveying the rows of thousands of aircraft, you get a sense of the history of military aviation in the United States, and the amazing stories that behind these planes.Read Article

Embryonic Gene-Editing

News of the birth of the world’s first gene-edited babies made headlines worldwide. Born in a Chinese hospital, Dr. He Jiankui edited the embryo’s DNA in an attempt to make the twins resistant to HIV. Their mother is HIV-negative, but their father is HIV-positive. This put the twins at high risk for contracting HIV while in utero.Read Article

Ralph Northam's Quote

The New York and Virginia legislatures made headlines with proposed bills that address the legality of third trimester, or late-term, abortion. Abortion, because of its inherent intention to end the life of a human person is indefensible. Even less so is the termination of a pregnancy when a child is fully developed.Read Article