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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Applied Bioethics Magazine?

Applied Bioethics Magazine is a digital magazine that explores the bioethical issues of today. It approaches the subject from a distinctly Catholic perspective, drawing on over 1,500 years of Catholic thinking, including scholars like Thomas Aquinas and St. Augustine.

2. How is each issue structured?

Applied Bioethics Magazine takes 30-45 minutes to read. Each issue takes on a single topic and then examines it through six articles. Every article is unique, taking on a different component of the subject.

Although it's a deep dive, it's impossible to cover all aspects of any topic within these parameters. As a result, a subject may be revisited over multiple issues, each time looking at elements that previous issues didn't previously cover.

3. In what format is the Magazine available?

We want your reading experience to be a great one. Therefore, we go to great effort to layout and format each issue in a pleasing way.

As a digital magazine, you can read issues beautifully formatted on the web. There's also an option to download a PDF of each issue.

4. Can I get the Magazine delivered to in a print edition?

A print edition is on the roadmap, but print-on-demand services for magazines are cost-prohibitive.

We hope to one day offer a reasonably priced print edition.

5. I'm not Catholic. Will this magazine still be helpful for me?

Absolutely! There's no room for misinterpretation: the Magazine approaches bioethics from a uniquely Catholic perspective. We vigorously and consistently promote and defend the dignity of the human person.

There are clear theological themes throughout the articles, but a deep understanding of Catholic thinking isn't required. The material is approachable and accessible for any audience.

6. Can you tell me about the author?

Chet Collins spends his waking hours caring for four delightful children and running his business.

Chet graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Franciscan University of Steubenville. He and his wife, Alison, have been married for ten years.

Alison is a physician, and their relationship followed her through the training pipeline. As a result, they've spent many dinners, late nights, and road trips discussing bioethics and its intersection with philosophy and Catholic theology.

Chet started blogging in 2013 and has published three books. He's now combing this experience to write and publish this magazine.

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