In the Service of Human Life
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Applied Bioethics exists at the intersection of classical philosophy, Catholic theology, and healthcare. By breaking down complex bioethical issues into bite-sized pieces, bioethics becomes approachable and understandable.

Patients and their caregivers are routinely required to make major medical decisions. Few people in this position have any medical, philosophical, or ethical academic background. Too often, those decisions must be made after a tragic accident in the midst of a rapid decline in health. These unfortunate situations are high in stress and emotion. While most of the ethical analysis has been completed on the part of the physicians providing care, the final decision is often made by the patient or their caregiver. In any ethical dilemma, the more information that you have, the easier it is to process and reach a decision.

Understanding the basic tenants of bioethics is a useful decision making tool for any patient to possess. In some areas of medicine, the ethical opinion of the physician may be in conflict with the ethical opinion of the patient. In those situations, an informed discussion within the doctor/patient relationship clarifies which choice is the correct and ethical one.

Applied Bioethics evaluates each bioethical question in light of a set of fundamental principles. By establishing these principles, making a decision is more manageable. You no longer have to articulate your principles and then apply them; the principles are established. Your task is only to filter the medical options through those principles and reach a conclusion.

New articles are published monthly. Articles focus on bioethical issues in the news as well as philosophical analysis of the bigger questions. While there are reoccurring themes, each article examines a new or different aspect of the ethical question.

Applied Bioethics is a resource for patients and their caregivers. Biomedical technology is advancing by the day, promising improved outcomes and quality of life. By remaining aware of the ethical issues surrounding healthcare, you can be confident that you’re protecting the patient’s inherent dignity, while also consenting to the best possible care.