In the Service of Human Life
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In the Service of Human Life

Autonomy & Agency

Why Conscience Rights

Imagine you grew up in a family of butchers. For three generations, your family has operated a small but successful meat market in town, preparing and selling your fine meats. People travel from all over to buy your family’s meat products, and as a result of your family’s labors, your community is able to feed itself.Read Article

The Right to Another Person

Americans reject the notion that a person has a right to another person. This is most clearly illustrated in our morally correct judgement against slavery. Ironically, despite this rejection, there are many other areas of human activity that we accept as normal that rely exclusively on that right.Read Article

Vaccination & Parental Autonomy

Parents of young children are routinely faced with ethical decision making in the course of routine medical care, and the ethics of vaccination are a contentious topic right now. Every major medical organization in the United States recommends the vaccination of children on a set schedule that is regularly reviewed and updated based on ongoing research. There are however many parents who object to vaccinations. The question for every ethically minded parent must be answered in due time: “Should I vaccinate my child?”Read Article